Lloyd Strigaskór

29.990 kr



Catch the eye with the LLOYD low-top trainers made from white smooth leather and a sporty design. The shoes are perfect for a straightforward look. A wear-resistant rubber sole is utilized. This cushions the impact when walking while the leather of the inner sole ensures optimal heat regulation. A firm, secure grip and a classic, elegant look are ensured by the soft smooth leather upper and the laces. By use of the leather lining these lace-up shoes are breathable and comfortable. The model features a Variofootbed which means it is optimally suited for the use of inlays thanks to the removable insole.

Upplýsingar um vöru

Low top

Smooth leather

Classic design 


100% leather

Stærð og snið

Fits true to size

Style: LLO14-557-13