MyEA Shopper Taska - Medium

49.990 kr



The Essentials selection makes a statement of enduring style: both elegant and practical, it works in numerous combinations on a wide array of occasions. MyEA Bag is Emporio Armani’s ultimate iconic bag: choose your style and embellish it with accessories that reflect who you are. Deer-print medium handbag with magnetic closure and screen-printed logo. The item is embellished with removable gold-tone carabiner clips and tags with embossed logo lettering that match the bag. Matching internal pouch with zip. With a beige detachable logo strap and red interior. 

Upplýsingar um vöru

Coated fabric


Solid colour

Detachable shoulder strap

Double handle

Fully lined

Detachable interior pouch


100% Polyurethane

Stærð og snið

Measurements: 37.5 x 27 x 11.5 cm.

Style: ARMY3D165-YFO5B-8555